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“What a splendid and stunning achievement!”
Jean Houston,PhD. internationally acclaimed writer, speaker, founder of the Foundation for Mind Research

“Life's procession marches in majesty and proud submission toward the infinite.”
Kahlil Gibran

AVE, a folk opera, is a contemporary interpretation of the two Marys, the sacrificial, transcendent mother of Jesus and the sensual, passionate Mary Magdalene.

Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Nature, the glory of the divine feminine, surrenders only to Spirit. Virginal integrity, submits to the Holy Spirit in the youthful Mary, but, it awaits living proof of God as the Son in the “Black Madonna” Mary Magdalene.

Both the light and dark aspects of the divine feminine illuminate the path of grace for the human soul. Ancient archetypes of Spirit and Nature Force reenact this drama throughout the milllenniums, beckoning to human understanding to find its way home

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